Suicide is no laughing matter. Millions of lives are lost due to suicide every year and thousands of others attempt suicide. When a person feels that suicide is the answer, it is a cry for help, one that often goes ignored. If someone trusts you enough to tell you they feel suicidal, be there for them. There are some things that you just should not do if someone tells you they’re suicidal hopkinsville.

Ignore Them

It is a myth that people say they are suicidal because they want attention. This may happen now and again, but that is not something that you can decide until you sit down and talk to this person. Test any threat of suicide seriously and take the time to learn what is bothering the person.

Laugh at Them

Laughing at someone who feels suicidal is very wrong and should not ever be something you consider. A person who has trusted you enough to tell you their feelings is looking for help, a sign that someone out there cares. They need you more than ever at this point in their life and you should be there to lean on.

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Tell Other People

Suicide is not a joke. It is something that a person feels when they think no other options exist for them. While most of us know this is not true, a suicidal mind doesn’t think clearly. You should not tell other people this information. It is very personal and can be detrimental to someone who is already upset.

Suicide help is out there. Hotlines exist, inpatient therapy is available, and counseling is there. But it is important that you also offer that helping hand to a friend in their time of need. Do not do the wrong thing if someone tells you they’re suicidal.