We don’t intend to lie to ourselves but sometimes it is easier that way, especially when the truth hurts. But, sometimes, the truth is all that can set you free. Addicts battling drug addiction often find themselves guilty of telling lie after lie after lie. It’s often what they’ve grown accustomed to as they’ve transitioned to a life of addiction. But now it is time to make a change and admit that you are not being honest with yourself or with others.

Some of the most common lies drug addicts tell themselves and the people around them:

It’s Not Dangerous

Every drug is dangerous, but some are more dangerous than others. Long-term drug use causes a mound of health problems and shortens a person’s life span. Drugs impact relationships with family and friends and turn our lives upside down. Drugs are certainly dangerous.

I Don’t Have a Problem

And monkeys fly. This is the oldest lie in the book. Your statement should fall upon deaf ears to family members and friends, and especially experts. Admitting that you have a problem certainly is difficult, but it is the first step in recovery. Do not continue to lie to yourself if you want to get clean.

I Can Stop Using Myself

Rehab is available for a reason: breaking free from an addiction is hard. Attend an inpatient substance abuse treatment brookline center to ensure you soon share your own success story of breaking the cycle of addiction with others.

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My Addiction Only Affects Me

Like that isn’t bad enough itself! But, the truth is, addiction hurts everyone around you. It hurts the family members and friends who love you so much. It hurts neighbors and coworkers who may feel they can no longer trust you. It affects everyone and it does so in some pretty incredible ways.