Surgery has long been a way for healthcare professionals to treat patients that are suffering from diseases, illnesses, and disorders. There are some surgeries, though, that are more common than others. When looking into surgeons, you should pay attention to what procedures they specialize in. Let’s explore some common procedures surgeons provide.

Breast Biopsy

One of the most common procedures you will see when searching for a general surgeon near me is a breast biopsy. During this procedure, tissues are removed so that they can be closely examined using a microscope. Patients can also have abnormal breast tissue removed during the procedure.

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During a colonoscopy, the lining of the body’s rectum and colon are examined. This procedure is performed when patients exhibit certain symptoms, such as abdominal pain or intestinal bleeding, but it is also done on patients without symptoms of gastrointestinal issues. Routine screenings may include checking the colon and become required after reaching 45 years of age.


A hernia develops when the abdominal wall weakens and begins to tear or bulge. The abdomen’s inner lining then begins to push itself through the tissue and sac forms. This can cause a lot of pain and lead to more serious health issues if not treated. Signs of a hernia include pain when lifting and a protrusion in the abdomen or groin.

Gallbladder Surgery

The gallbladder is the collector of bile, which helps food break down in the body. Sometimes small deposits can develop, known as gallstones, which can potentially cause health problems. Gallstones typically cause sharp abdominal pains, nausea, indigestion, and pain when you eat.

Knowing what procedures your surgeon specializes in can make finding the right health expert easy. Make sure to ask questions and give as much information as you can about your current state of health.