Orthodontists are dental professionals tasked with ensuring your teeth are in proper alignment. They offer a myriad of services that can be taken advantage of to make sure smiles are healthy, bright, and beautiful. Orthodontics involves several different procedures, of which 3 will be discussed so that you can speak with your dentist about orthodontics with confidence.

Lingual Braces

An orthodontist near me torrance can provide patients with lingual braces, which are braces that work slightly differently than traditional braces. Lingual braces are attached to teeth to correct alignment issues, so brackets will be installed on the backs of teeth where they cannot be seen. These are beneficial and aren’t seen when you speak or smile; they also impact your speech less.


Retainers are typically provided to dental patients after treatment for misaligned teeth has been completed. Retainers keep the teeth in their proper alignment, as they would likely shift back to their previous position over time if not for these devices. Retainers must be worn as your dentist instructs in order to get the best results and a lasting smile.

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Traditional Braces

Traditional braces, mentioned above, are braces that are attached to your teeth using metal brackets that are linked to each other using wires. These are still popular amongst individuals getting treatment for orthodontic issues and work well. They may take a while to produce results, as some traditional braces must be worn for years, but the result is a smile that doesn’t fade.

Your teeth can get corrected and look more beautiful than ever before by speaking with a dental professional that can correct misalignment. These corrections also impact your general health, as a cleaner mouth has been linked to less prevalence of chronic disease if oral health is maintained throughout your life.